Control Settings

In this section, you have the ability to control where the reading time information is shown and customize its display. This feature becomes active when the reading time display is enabled in the “General” tab.

1. Display On (Multi-Select Box):

   – Choose the specific areas where you want the estimated reading time to be visible. You can select multiple options from the following: “Single Post”, “Archive Post”, “Home/Blog Page”

2. Reading Time Text Placement:

   – Define where you want the reading time text to appear within the content. Options include “Above Title,” “Below Title,” “Above Content,” “Below Content,”

3. Reading Time Text Prefix:

   – Specify a prefix to be displayed before the reading time value. For instance, you could use “Estimated Reading Time:.”

4. Reading Time Text Suffix (Plural):

   – Define a suffix to be added after the reading time value when it’s more than one minute. For example, “minutes read.”

5. Reading Time Text Suffix (Singular):

   – Set a different suffix for the reading time value when it’s exactly one minute. This could be “minute read” for singular readability.


Save Changes: The “Save Changes” button appears when you’ve made any modifications in this section. Click this button to apply your settings.

Discard Changes: If you’ve made changes but wish to revert to the previous settings, the “Discard Changes” button allows you to do so without saving.

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