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In the “General” tab of Reading Time & Progress Bar, you have the flexibility to tailor your content’s reading experience. Here’s how you can customize it to your preferences:

1. Disable Reading Time:

   – Customize the reading experience by enabling or disabling the reading time display. If you choose to disable reading time, the associated options below will be automatically disabled as well.

2. Disable Reading Progress Bar:

   – Similarly, tailor the reading experience by enabling or disabling the reading progress bar display. When you disable the reading progress bar, the associated settings below will also be disabled.

3. Post Types Selection:

   – Choose the specific post types where you want the reading time and progress bar to be displayed. Simply tick the checkboxes next to the relevant post types. Your selections will ensure that the reading time and progress bar are accurately calculated and showcased across your chosen content.

   Note: If both reading time and reading progress bar are disabled, the post types selection field will also be disabled to maintain consistency.

4. Words Per Minute (Enabled when Reading Time is Enabled):

   – Define the reading speed for your audience by setting the words per minute value. This metric will determine how the reading time is calculated for each post. Adjust this value based on your audience’s reading habits and content complexity for a more accurate estimate.

5. Includes Comments (Enabled when Reading Time is Enabled):

   – Enhance your readers’ engagement by including comments in the reading time calculation. Activate this option with a checkmark to provide a comprehensive view of the time required to consume the entire post, including interactions through comments.

6. Include Images (Enabled when Reading Time is Enabled):

   – Elevate your content’s visual storytelling with images. By checking this option, you’ll integrate images into the reading time calculation. If selected, you can further fine-tune the experience by choosing the number of images per minute, tailoring the pace of content consumption for a more immersive journey.


Save Changes: The “Save Changes” button appears when you’ve made any modifications in this section. Click this button to apply your settings.

Discard Changes: If you’ve made changes but wish to revert to the previous settings, the “Discard Changes” button allows you to do so without saving.

These customizable settings in the “General” tab empower you to create a tailored reading experience that suits your audience’s preferences and content structure. Utilize the options wisely to offer an engaging and informative journey through your content.

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