Control Settings

In this section, you can configure how the reading progress bar is displayed based on your preferences. This feature becomes active when the reading progress bar display is enabled in the “General” tab.

1. Display Position:

   – Choose where the reading progress bar should be positioned. Options include “Top” and “Bottom.” The default position is set to “Top.”

2. Bar Height (Pixels):

   – Adjust the height of the progress bar to align with your design aesthetics.

3. Bar Start Offset (Pixels):

   – Set the offset from the top of the content where the progress bar should start.

4. Content Offset (Pixels):

   – Define the offset from the top of the content for accurate tracking of the reader’s progress.

5. Foreground Opacity (0 – 100):

   – Specify the opacity level for the foreground of the progress bar. A value of 0 means fully transparent, and 100 means fully opaque.

6. Background Opacity (0 – 100):

   – Determine the opacity level for the background of the progress bar. Adjust the opacity to achieve the desired visual effect.


Save Changes: The “Save Changes” button appears when you’ve made any modifications in this section. Click this button to apply your settings.

Discard Changes: If you’ve made changes but wish to revert to the previous settings, the “Discard Changes” button allows you to do so without saving.

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