WP Before After Image Slider

Discover a world of possibilities with the “Before After Image Slider” plugin – your ultimate solution for captivating image comparisons and interactive galleries on your WordPress website. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just getting started, our feature-packed plugin offers a seamless experience from installation to customization.

Free Version Features:

  1. 2 images for precise and impactful comparisons.
  2. Image sizes for optimal presentation, ensuring visual harmony.
  3. Labels for before and after images for clarity.
  4. Slider Trigger Type.
  5. Slider Orientation.
  6. Shortcodes: Embed sliders into posts and pages using shortcodes.
  7. Widget: The “Before After Image Slider” widget for Elementor page builder.

Pro Version Features:

  1. 3 images for precise and impactful comparisons.
  2. Labels to middle images for clarity.
  3. Indicator images into comparisons.
  4. Default divider offset for consistent comparisons.
  5. Toggle overlay visibility for an unobstructed view.
  6. Opt to display labels for added context and information.
  7. 8 slider templates for a personalized touch.
  8. The overlay’s appearance customization.
  9. Arrow color, background color, gradients, border style, width, and color for the handle.
  10. Customization of the color and width of the divider.
  11. Specify label alignment and orientation.
  12. Customize text color, background color, and background gradient for labels.
  13. Choose border style, padding, and other settings for labels.

Demo Link:

Check out the demo to see it in action!

With that comprehensive suite of features, the “Before After Image Slider” plugin empowers you to effortlessly create engaging and interactive image comparisons that seamlessly integrate into your WordPress website. Elevate your content, engage your audience, and tell your visual stories like never before.

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